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    The Ferret Preston May 16th 2014

    Bobbie Peru were rocking out fantastic rhythms with solid timing and are a band that play as tight as a nats a**e. The sounds pumped out and brought back memories of post punk rock and early new wave with a rocky edge that blew me away. They are a band that play well in a small club like “The Ferret” in Preston but could go down just as well in front of thousands. Their sound is BIG and hard to contain in such small walls but the bass and drums hold it together so well with the guitar and vocals topping it off. The sound continued to rock and roll around the club until late into the night and the joy of the night was carried all the way back to Manchester in my head as Shotgun to the one and only MR B…

    A great venue for any band…

    Bobbie Peru 
    cook up a particularly demented stew with their ever-changing musical palette, which is an unpredictable mix of stabbing guitars, social commentary and a rhythm section coming through like a freight train.

    The result: some of the most dynamic, catchy and distinctive compositions which will infiltrate your mind and encompass your soul. Live they are a witches brew of destabilized rock and roll, randomness, style and raw energy, that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Their debut album ‘Social Suicide’ was a multi-dimensional experience of the power of positive noise, which is not to be missed.

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